Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another week, another film!

And we have a great film lined up for this Thursday 15th

Annie Leibovitz - Through The Lens

"This film traces the artistic self-realization of Annie Leibovitz, from childhood through the death of her beloved friend, Susan Sontag, and includes snippets of Leibovitz's last visual memories of Sontag. The film traces the arc of her photographic life, her aspirations to artistry, and the trajectory of her career through phases that included the tumultuous sixties in Berkeley, CA., touring with the Rolling Stones, a mentorship by Hunter S. Thompson, and, later, capturing the last candid moments of John Lennon's life with Yoko Ono. It closes with her reflections on life, children, and the the wake of her relationship with Sontag. The archival material presented here is invaluable for framing an understanding of this immeasurably influential visual artist."

And if you're not quite sold, here is the trailer.

Got any ideas, recommendations for Film Screenings? Let us know at the next session, we will be handing out pen/paper for any responses.

Annie Leibovitz - Through the Lens will be shown in Room 303 Chatham Building, we open up from 4:30pm and the film starts at 5pm. See you there.

P.S. We are still fundraising, so all donations will be greatly appreciated.

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