Monday, 27 February 2012

Print Auction Success

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who helped make the print auction a success!

We managed to sell all of the prints, raising quite a nice figure of money!

 A bidding war was on for the fabulous Laura Pannack print.

 Adam Mead, who's work was on display.

Photographer and Photography Tutor Alan Jones getting in on the bidding.

The evening was great, with a lovely atmosphere filled with curious browsing, flowing wine, and panic bidding! 

 We personally believe we made the Link gallery sign just that little bit better, right?

Will Sharp getting in the way. One of the contributing artist's in the exhibition who also appeared in the print auction.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Print Auction Prints!

Here are the photographs including in the print auction exhibition

Pigeons and Patrick, Photographer Joe Sharpe

International Drive, Photographer, David Cheetham

Foreign Romance Photographer Matthew Arthur Williams

Covers Photographer Hollie Myles

Young British Naturist Photographer Laura Pannack

Woman#22 Photographer Adam Mead

Form Study (2) Photographer Alan Jones

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, 2011 Photographer Sylvia Waltering

Original Print Photographer Dr. Me, Signed

This Will Be and This Has Been, Photographer Joel Peck

Saddleworth Moor Photographer Will Grundy

Airborne Fister Photographer Tim Hetherington

Esszimmer, Photographer Sylvia Waltering

Hauptbahnhof, Bremen, Photographer Joshua Rothery 

Park Slope Senior Citizens, Photographer Sophie Stafford

Park Slope Senior Citizens, Photographer Sophie Stafford

Destruction:Construction (2) Photographer Tom Bright

Destruction:Construction (1) Photographer Tom Bright

Grotesque Nouveau, Photographer Will Sharp

Friday, 17 February 2012

Print Auction

We are hosting a print auction in the Link Gallery, with the opening night taking place on Thursday 23rd at 4pm to 6pm(Final bids coming in at 5pm.
We have already received some excellent prints from acclaimed photographers who have helped us out. Such as Ellen Rogers, Laura Pannack, and the late Tim Hetherington. These prints will be displayed in the gallery for visitors to see and keen buyers to bid on.

The exhibit is up from Monday 20th - Friday 24th February, with the silent auction taking place on the 23rd!

Film Screenings!

Last night we screened the DVD Shooting Robert King in room 303.
Completely compelling film exploring the dangerous life photographer Robert King experienced over a period of 15 years.
As the tagline for the film says; '15 years, 3 wars, 1 photographer'. We saw him work his way through Sarajevo, Chechnya and Iraq.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Past Film Screenings

We run a film screening session every week in the Chatham Building, on Thursdays at 4pm. Here are some of the previous film posters. A few things will be changing with the film screenings soon, we hope to get together with students in Contemporary Film and Video, and Film and Media so they have a space to showcase some of their own work they have been working, as well as show the feature film for the night.

There will be more information to follow on the new Film Screenings!!

Manchester to London - The beginning

We have been working on organising this external exhibition from the end of 2011, and now here we are on web format. This blog is a record, of how we are some how funding our work and his exhibition to Redchurch Street Gallery, Shordeitch in July 2012. 
Be prepared to see posters from our fundraiser events, snaps of us working on the mini projects and possibly even some work that will appear in the exhibition!